- Annonce -

– And the city by mistake go its name

In Atatûrks spare time, he enjoyed travelling around the country, and when he in 1933 sailed around on the Mediterranean on the ship Gûlcemal, he received a telegram from Alaiye, which was the name of the city at the time.

Alaiye, was because of the morsecode, by mistake translated into Alanya. After having seen the telegram Atatûrk asked:

- Annonce -

“Can I change the name to Alanya? Actually that’s a good name. For the future let the name be Alanya.”

2 Years later in 1935 Atatûrk was aboard one of the Turkish Destroyers, and he asked them to set course towards Alanya, so he would fulfill his promise to visit the city. The 18th of February 1935 early in the morning, a day before expected, the destroyer arrived at Alanya, and Atatûrk went ashore. Because they arrived so early the welcome comity that was planned for him wasn’t there yet, but a soldier recognized him and he was then officially welcomed to the city.

After having rested shaved and eaten breakfast, Atatûrk proceeded to take a stroll around the streets of Alanya, talking with the locals about their problems.

“Where are you from?” he asked.

“Alaiye” people answered.

“No, it’s Alanya.” Atatûrk then replied

Later that afternoon when Atatûrk was about to leave Alanya, a fisherman comes up with 2 boxes of mandarins; he gave the boxes to the crew on Atatûrks destroyer.  They were not really his to give since he didn’t own them, but the owner of the mandarins and the Alanya public applaud, the fisherman’s fast thinking, and that he had thanked Atatûrk for the visit.

From the book “Alanya og Omegn” by Allan Huglstad



In 2007 the writer Allan Huglstad publiced the book “Alanya og Omegn”. It can still be bought I the bookstore opposite of PTT. We have with the permission of the writer, used a small part of the book, partly in our magazine and partly on the internet. See more on www.altomalanya.dk

Thank you Allan Huglstad your cooperation.

- Annonce -