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In Turkey they have approximately 10 important holidays where offices and most stores are closed.

The dates for sugar- and sacrificial-parties change every year, since the Arabian calendar is shorter than ours.


- Annonce -

1st of January

New years day

In Turkish: Yýlbaþ

The day that mark the beginning of the new year.


23rd of April

National sovereignty and children’s day

In turkish: Ulusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk Bayramý

Celebrates the first opening of the Turkish great national assembly in Ankara in 1920, and also dedicated to kids.


1st of May

Workers fight day and solidarity day.

In Turkish: Emek ve Dayanýþma Günü

The annual holiday, where they celebrate the economic and social progress for workers.


19th of May

Remembering Atatûrk, youth and sports day.

In Turkish: Atatürk’ü Anma Gençlik ve Spor Bayramý

On this day they think back and remember the beginning of the Turkish indepencewar. 19th of may 1919, was the day that Mustafa Kemal Atatûrk, later known as MustafaKemal the first president of an independent Turkey, went ashore to lead the fight for liberation.

30th of August

Victory day, and dedicated to the youth

In Turkish: Zafer Bayramý

Celebrates the victory at the last battle of Dumlupýnar, which ended the Turkish independence war in 1922.



The Ramadan in 2012 starts on Saturday the 21st of July and lasts 30 days until Sunday the 19th of August. A very hot period in Turkey.



In Turkish: Ramazan Bayramý

Muslim holiday which mark the end of the Ramadan. In 2011 the government sanctioned 9 days of vacation in the Bayram. Bayram starts the 19th of august in 2012.


29th of October

The day of the republic

In Turkish: Cumhuriyet Bayramý

Celebrates the proclamation of the Turkish republic in 1923


6th of November

Sacrificial party

In Turkish: Kurban Bayramý

Very important holiday, celebrated by Muslims all over the world. Remembering Abrahams (Ibrahim) willingness to sacrifice his own son, as a sign of obedience to God, but instead sacrificed a goat. (According to gods command.)

- Annonce -