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In the last part of the 19th century, the sea was the most important connection between Alanya and the rest of the world.

The ships mainly went to Cypres or Egypt with timber, sesame seeds, beans, different nuts and fruits, when they went back the brought things like salt, soap oils and some different kinds of ornaments.

It was on one of these kinds of journeys, the trader Serifali Ahmet Aga brought back a banana to Alanya. He then planted the banana in his own yard as a decorative plant. The family was told that it was stricktly forbidden to eat the bananas, because they were thought to be toxic/poisonous/venomous.

- Annonce -

When the ripe bananas fell to the ground, one of the families’ house maidens was tempted and tasted one. She liked how they tasted, so she told others about them. And thus the myth about the bananas being toxic/poisonous/venomous was disproved, and the banana growing/farming would begin.

From the 1920’s the demand of bananas rose, and the plantations spread. Today, all these plantations are located in a belt of focused plantation areas stretching over 200 kilometers from the coast of Manavgat to Anamur.

This area is the only place in Turkey, where the climate is suitable for growing bananas. This is because the banana is a fragile plant which requires a big amount of water and a gentle climate.

When the winter draws near, and the weather gets increasingly unstable, there is placed plastic around the banana boxes to protect them from the weather.

It is possible to harvest bananas two times a year. Each plant can give around 75 kg. every harvest.

Every year 40.000 tons of bananas are harvested, this is not nearly enough to cover the demand there is on the home market.


“Parts of the book “Alanya og Omegn” by Allan Huglstad.


In 2007 the author Allan Huglstad publiced the book “Alanya og Omegn”. It’s being sold at the bookstore in front of PPT. Vi got the permission to publice parts of this book in our magazine and on our homepage. For more information check: www.altomalanya.dk

Many thanks to Allan Huglstad for his great cooperation

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